Excerpted from the International Fainting Goat Association

General Description:  ….Young animals should show visible signs of increased muscle mass and this increased muscled mass becomes more apparent as the animal matures.  Fainting goats should be stocky, with obvious width for height.  Their body is full, wide, and deep with heavy muscling evident throughout.

In many areas of the county crossbreeding with other breeds probably plays a large roll in the different sizes.  In the extreme western U. S. many smaller animals can be found while in the far southern U.S. many larger animals can be found.  The southern U.S. is a meat producing area while the far western U.S. tends to be geared towards the pet industry.

The larger or “improved meat” types may be only slightly taller than the original types or on the larger end of their sizes.  They also have good bone density but because they are being selectively bred for the meat industry they tend to have a larger muscle mass….Some breeders  have successfully stayed within the original heights and selectively bred for meat.  These breeding programs regularly produce animal’s well over 150 pounds with some reaching 200 pounds.  These breeders have also used their knowledge of myotonia to help produce these weights.  The more myotonia  shows the larger their muscle mass will become.  Think of it as a body builder consistently working out.  Every time a goat has an episode of myotonia it’s similar to a bodybuilding workout.  The greater the level of myotonia the more workouts the muscles get.

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