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We have been producing and selling meat goats to consumers since 1989.  Now we are offering stud service.  Why should you consider stud service?  Hackedamm Acres believes stud service offers a number of advantages to the goat owner.  You, as the owner, do not have to provide a separate area or different feeding to a buck.  There is no problem choosing a different buck for each herd, or a different buck for each doe.  VARIETY is what stud service offers you.  Also, there is no selling required when you have finished with the buck, just take home a bred doe.

Our studs are TnFainting crosses, registered Nubian and Nubian/Saanen crosses that produce good birth weight kids that grow rapidly on milk, then on forage.

The facilities for stud service include a acre wooded/grass pasture securely fenced.  There is a six-stall barn for shelter.

All goats on our property are CAE and BRUCELLOSIS negative.  We ask that all does brought for breeding be negative as well.

Hackedamm Acres is located centrally in Chatham County, NC.  We are only four hours from the mountains or the coast.

If you have any questions or comments please give us a call 919.663.3263, or e-message us at sazimmerman@centurylink.net





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